Screen darker on one side help
Meizu m2

Hi, i didnt dropped my phone, i didnt sit on it, idk what happened. Top right corner has a square where screen is darker, when i press on that square (you know what happens when you press your screen little stronger, some colors and etc) so when i press that square, its edges blink in that colors, idk what to do i bought phone 2 months ago

@Crackito90 At the moment your screen is totally fine ? And appears only at night ? That’s unusual

Meizu m2

@Vympel noo, i mean like now my phone is good, hes also good at evening but tomorrow that showed up ?

@Crackito90 So it appear randomly right ? In this case it’s still a faulty screen nothing to do except to change to a new one(± 25 bucks) but if it dissapear and appear with time and it’s not disturbing you can just keep going with it till you change your phone or broke (hope you don’t) your screen.

Meizu m2

@Vympel its not dissapearing its always darker

@Crackito90 In this case you need to replace the screen some pixel are dead

Meizu m2

@Vympel is it hard to replace it myself

@Crackito90 No just be carefull and take your time
Here is a little tutorial link text
And most important find a reliable source to buy the screen I always recommend dragon-tt cause I had bad experience with aliexpress.
But it’s up to you to decide where you buy it I just give an advice.
Good luck ;)

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