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  • [ Meizu Pro 5] Battery Problem [ 5.1.60 G]

    So here’s the story, i bought the phone like 1 week ago. stock frimware is 5.1.5 G after i upgraded to 5.1.6 G seems my battery gotten worse, not to mention that 5.1.5 G is good too. Seeing all reviews says that battery life is good which makes me buy this phone, but right now i kinda sad because the battery itself is not good.

    I am using stock, no root, or anything. 100% battery drops off to 0 % with :

    Screen off :
    9 h 37 m 41 s

    Screen on :
    53 m 14 s

    All that i do each day is doing line , whatsapp , chrome browsing ( less than 30 min a day ), youtube ( same as browsing ).
    And mostly i connected to wifi at my home, rarely go out. Signal is good too.

    Do you have any recommendation? should i upgrade to 5.1.10G ?

    Sorry for my bad english, and thank you~

  • @Peter-Gunawan Try to update to the last one and see what’s happening

  • iam also same prblm

  • @vamshikrishna-oruganti Same advice try to update and see if it change something

  • maybe i think itsos problem
    when iam updating 5.1.10OG to 4.5.4IN
    Phone stuck on spinning Flyme icon
    no responce
    pls any one know tell me how to slove this problem

  • when iam update new os charging decreses suddenly 100 to 35 ,35 to 18 ,18 to 0
    time taken to this process 1 min oly

  • @Vympel okay i’ll already upgrade it and gives much better battery life XD thanks for telling me to do so~

    kinda sorry for late reply @.@

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