[ Meizu Pro 5] Battery Problem [ 5.1.60 G]

So here’s the story, i bought the phone like 1 week ago. stock frimware is 5.1.5 G after i upgraded to 5.1.6 G seems my battery gotten worse, not to mention that 5.1.5 G is good too. Seeing all reviews says that battery life is good which makes me buy this phone, but right now i kinda sad because the battery itself is not good.

I am using stock, no root, or anything. 100% battery drops off to 0 % with :

Screen off :
9 h 37 m 41 s

Screen on :
53 m 14 s

All that i do each day is doing line , whatsapp , chrome browsing ( less than 30 min a day ), youtube ( same as browsing ).
And mostly i connected to wifi at my home, rarely go out. Signal is good too.

Do you have any recommendation? should i upgrade to 5.1.10G ?

Sorry for my bad english, and thank you~

@Peter-Gunawan Try to update to the last one and see what’s happening

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@vamshikrishna-oruganti Same advice try to update and see if it change something

maybe i think itsos problem
when iam updating 5.1.10OG to 4.5.4IN
Phone stuck on spinning Flyme icon
no responce
pls any one know tell me how to slove this problem

when iam update new os charging decreses suddenly 100 to 35 ,35 to 18 ,18 to 0
time taken to this process 1 min oly

@Vympel okay i’ll already upgrade it and gives much better battery life XD thanks for telling me to do so~

kinda sorry for late reply @.@

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