Flyme based on Android L

Do you think will se a Flyme based on Android L during 2015? It would be cool running L in a Meizu MX4 :)

I think yes

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It’s not about being up to date, it’s about being useful and comfortable to use, and to work. I think MIUI 6 is already ahead of even Android L. I don’t know all this hassle about being always updated. I wanted 4.4 badly at that time, because there was a significant improvement in RAM management, but in the end it didn’t really change anything much.

So I think it’s about being actually good to use. Having a sheer number somewhere doesn’t really change a thing. It’s just fanboyish.

Well, Android L have some nice improvements, not only aesthetic. But of course, anyone could have different points of view. I have a Google Chromecast so having an Android 4.4 is really great since you can have a complete mirroring of the device. Sometimes having the last updates really help. I’m a mac user as well and this is one of the great things of being a mac user actually, the software/firmware updates are fast and free. After 6 days of launching iOS 8, 56% of iphone users had the new iOS running on their phones. After 365 days from Android 4.4 Kitkat and more than 340 days just 25% of Android users have the latest software. This is one think Android should improve, again, from my point of view.

U cant compare iOS8 with few devices with Android and a huge amount of devices.
While apple has a lot less work to do ( and even then they bing out bad updates ), there are a lot old devices that still run with a lower android version. Its just because there is not comming a new update for them out but ppl still use the old devices.
I still use my M9 with ICS.
The other side is also a lot companys alter Android, thouse need to be aproved with Google and also with some sevice providers.
This just takes a lot of time.
Samsung has different hardware on some devices of the same type and also do firmware for specific countrys. So they have to do a lot and need to approve a lot more.

As for me im quite happy with flyme. It offers a lot more then most other companys Android without the need of rooting.

By the way Android L is now Lollipop.

Also you can’t compare any iOS update with Android, because even 4.2.2 offers basically unlimited possibilities and doesn’t hold you out from doing anything. It’s been far ahead of iOS 8 even on 4.0. You can give tremendeously different experience by altering android - from ram management (multitasking) to battery life, not talking about the ui and animations and nevertheless features… There’s nothing to hold you back. Just take a look at Sense, MIUI 6, Flyme 3, Timescape… you don’t need new android, you need the device to work, because even as older, it might be actually better than a year newer device. Just take a look at old devices that are still wonderful to use - HTC One, Meizu MX3, Xiaomi mi2s/mi3, Sony Xperia Z/Z1/Z2. They ALL are good, were good and will be good, even today. They didn’t need KitKat. They were good, and they still last. The number “android version” is just a number in settings… Nothing more. That’s my point.

Yes, there MAY bye some improvements for some people, but they are honestly minor. And those people will buy a newer device anyway.

MX3 was a phone of gods even on 4.2.2, yet the MX4 isn’t and I don’t think it will change with any update, and also I find it stupid to buy a phone just to wait for an update. A device has to work and deliver out of the box.

The MX3 runs on Kitkat afaik.

I imagine that with L resources available and battery should be even better, but that’s up to the developers on the other hand.

Hi all, I’m new here. Just ordered a mx4 and hopefully get it sooner than later :)

could it be available within 3 months as HTC has announced for its devices ?

Thanks :D

I imagine most Chinese roms still struggel to get stable on the 4.4.4 base. The hunt for the latest os seems to be a western thing. I’m using color os on my 1+1 and it’s like 4.2 but still good. It should be great on 4.4.4 but it’s so hard skinned so you wouldn’t notice the difference anyway :)

I need at least Android 4.4 for my Sony SmartBand to work, but even though the MX4 is Android 4.4, it doesn’t work :(

True, some stuff need the latest patches to work like they should.

on meizu france (facebook) they’re talking about flyme 4.0.3, any news about it ?

thanks :D

They are not really talking about 4.0.3, they just said me that they are validating “french” version (maybe just the translation for International version), and because of the official release in our stores in late October, early november, they must release an update, because french is not good in 4.0.2 ;)

I think we probably will not see a Lollipop-based Flyme release anytime soon. Now why is that? Simple really - Google went ahead to do a lot of streamlining when it comes to Google Services and the various Google apps in the fifth major release of android. Until Flyme can support Google Services flawlessly, I do not think they will move onto Android L.
My guess is if Meizu will move onto the next release, it will be more towards the EOL for Flyme 4, as was with the move to KitKat with Flyme 3.

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