Access MX4 Pro as disk drive (OSX)


I’ve been trying to mount my Meizu as a disk drive on OSX as the Android File Transfer app is very limited. I’ve rooted the device and enabled USB debugging but I just can’t get it to work.

All I want is for the music app to recognise my folders, which apparently it can only do if the folders are directly in the root folder. (When I add separate folders from the Music folder it doesn’t add them).

Can anyone help me out with either of these problems?


@Homerus I can just confirm that music should be in the default Music folder to be recognise by the default Music Player
But if you use poweramp(or other one) you can have acces to all folder
For the disk drive what do you mean exactly ? When I connect it through usb i have a an acces to almost all folder (expect specific android system file etc wich need a root explorer)

When I select the Music folder in Meizu’s Music Player it only loads the Music folder itself, but not the separate folders underneath it, which is really annoying. By drive I mean as if it were a USB stick, so without Android’s File Transfer app, which kinda sucks.

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