Meizu M2 Mini - Unintentionally uninstalled Android Download Manager

Hey you all,

I have a huge problem with my Meizu M2 Mini. It all started when my phone began to open random websites in the browser (most of them with sexual content) and also opened a app wich was called Download Manager (that I never installed btw). This manager downloaded random stuff: Apk’s, Zip’s - everything. So it was quite obvious that I had malware on my phone. As a consequence I installed many anti virus applications, but nothing worked out. So I thought that if I was able to uninstall the virus, which was the “Download Manager”, my phone should work properly again. So I rooted my phone and used Titanium Backup to uninstall the manager. Foolishly I didn’t create a backup or something, but it worked out. The problem is now that I uninstalled 2 applications: the -malware- download manager AND the preinstalled android download manager. I have no idea why I didn’t check that before, because now I am in trouble. I can’t download anymore, neither in the Playstore nor by using Chrome. In the Playstore it is always preparing the download and in Chrome I am getting the message that the download failed due to an unknown error.

Does anyone have an idea where I might download the apk for the Android Download Manager or is the only option to flash the whole firmware?

I am begging for help!!!
Thanks in advance,

@mc_haarausfall I suggest to install the rom once again (without wiping) and it should fix it and if you still have those malware do a wipe and backup your data and it will erase those **** out of your phone.

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