GPS accuracy and navigation?

I know that there are some rumors, in general, for mediatek gps efficiency which i don’t believe… but can anyone confirm about mx4 gps accuracy, locking time and turn by turn navigation? if it is possible, in comparison with some snapdragon device…

i don’t care if it isn’t the best out there but at least i want it to work flawlessly.

Thanks in advance!

I used it for some in-car navigation and there were no problems in usage.

Since MT6592 GPS works pretty well in France (where I live), the MT6595 which is in the MX4 has no problems here :)

Work perfectly for me

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Nokia Here Maps works good in MX4. Just remind is a offline GPS.

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Thanks for the replies guys!
I am sure now… and for the history, i must say that my mx3 also had a perfect gps performance.

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