Syncing Problem with Flyme account

Hi everyone…
My MX 4 Pro crashed about a month ago, and I bought the Pro 5 (in the meanwhile I used my good ol’ MX3.

Now that I got my shiny new device on my hands, I can’t make it to sync with my Flyme account. I can log-in, but it doesnt pull my backup. Contacts are not an issue, but I need all my call history and notes as I work with those items, which by the way, are non exportable (or do you know a way to do it?)

Is this a known issue in the new firmware? Can you tell me how to solve it?
I’m on 5.2.8.G, and the MX 4 Pro is on 5.1.10A.

Thank you.

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@Panchístiko-N. Use Sms backup & restore you can backup call history, sms , mms

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