inapp purchase problem

Hi guys
Since I’m on the firmware above I can’t do any purchases inside of an app

Before on everything worked fine (had the global software installed with the tutorial here)

Hope you can help me


If you get error 492 it’s a not solved bug from release
The only way to solve it is downgrading to version or lower

@maxant69 thanks, is there a tutorial on how to downgrade?

@ryousuke93 said in inapp purchase problem:

@maxant69 thanks, is there a tutorial on how to downgrade?

Just download the firmware you want, put in your phone in the main directory and lanch the update from documents app. Remember to check “clear user data”.

@maxant69 is clear all data necessary? Since I had big trouble installing Google play store this time…like in my last post. I was dumb and bought a Chinese version

It’s better to clear data but you can try anyway.

@maxant69 okay thanks alot!
I wish I just had a global phone 😖


You can change the ID of your chinese phone to international so it gets reconized as Global and OTA works after that

Just follow this post

@hjmalves I’ve tried this a few weeks ago and it didn’t work for me, after reboot I had the unicom again :P

Actually there is something wrong with in-app purchases even in global version from October.
I have an app which works only after successful license checkup from Google play and after recent update it broke.
App developer after checking my logs said that an internal app might intercept checkups to Google play… Unfortunately I don’t know what it is.
I’ve noticed the same issue in other apps, where I cannot purchase anything.

Entry from CatLog:
10-12 15:41:01.292 W/Interception(2929): isInterceptByRule realCallingPid: 8262 isInterceptAsUsual: true isMatch: false, runType===retrieve_service|||callerPkg===net.simplyadvanced.ltediscovery|||calleePkg===com.android.vending|||calleeClass===com.google.android.finsky.billing.iab.InAppBillingService|||processName===com.android.vending|||action===com.android.vending.billing.InAppBillingService.BIND|||data===|||extras===|||interception===false

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