i am a happy daily user of Meizu M2 Mini but, for four days, I have a big problem with the Google calendar app that no longer synchronize on my MEIZU M2MINI , i have lost all my events on my MEIZU (only, they are still displayed on my PC APP) … and when i try a new synchronization on my google account for agenda , it starts but never ends :(

I’ve updated the latest FlyMe 5.1.10.F, and followed the directions given by Google in their procedure here
But it still does not work …

I was advised to make a hard reset , is what it means that I would have to reinstall all my apps and will have to update again Flyme ?
What exactly will I lose?

And the most important (and my main question in fact ;) ) : this problem (synchronisation on my google agenda app) could it not be solved more simply? Anyone would have a clue ?

Thank you for your help … and your answers my questions …