Meizu pro 5 tactile button problem

Hello, i’m new on this forum

I have an annoying problem on my meizu pro 5, i bought my phone 8 months ago.

Since 2 weeks the tactile button do not work really well, i have to retry several times to unlock my phone or to go to the previous page.

I don’t know if it is a hardware problem or a bad update i had the version i tried the last one the the problem is still there.

Do i have to buy another tactile button for my Meizu pro 5 or it is a fireware problem, maybe i should get an older version when it was working.

Thank’s for reading me and for your help

@Esekerr Most likely an hardware problem.Try a clear data and see if it’s persisting or not.
And clean the button (it’s stupid but if the scanner can’t scan correctly your finnger you will need to put it many times)
If clearing data doesn’t change anything it’s most probably an hardware issue with a faulty button

Hello, thank’s for your answer.

I already cleaned the data on my phone but the problem is still here, i also tried clean the button but nothing

If you have a place/web site to buy a new tactile button i’m interested, because i can’t find on on amazon/ebay

Thank you

@Esekerr try this and tell me if it would fix the problem once you change it

OK I will try and give feedback

Thank you

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