Meizu pro 5 soft problems

hi guys,

this is my first time here so i hope i posted in the right place.

i have a meizu pro5 and this morning i had to woke up by myself because the phone died over night although i had 50% battery when i went to bed. but this is the last of my problems. when i plug it to charge i turned it on and i noticed that the app optimization window appeared like after a new software update. i waited for the apps to optimize and then the phone started. after the software loaded i noticed that the upper part of the screen was unresponsive (not a big deal because it happened before and after a while it recovers from that) but this time the app switch window was not opening (when you pull form the bottom up). also when i tried to exit from an app i noticed that the button is unresponsive to press although the touch and the fingerprint is working properly. after further investigation i observe that the home button is not working only when pressed with the phone unlocked because if i press it when the screen is of it lights the screen and even unlocks it.
so long story short when i woke up this morning the phone was dead and after turning on the home button is not working normal, all the apps were reset, and the tool bar is not functional in fact the notifications are not working at all not even when the screen is locked.
i will try a reset to factory to see if that helps. if any of you had similar issues or you have any ideas about this please let me know. is there a phone line or a support line where i can get some help?


@bogdan.oarga Try to clear all data and install the new build seems like the phone have done the update at night and messed up somewhere


i’ve done afull reset and now is ok. thanks…

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