I Messed up my Meizu Pro 5

Hey Guys ,

I have a really big problem

Ive tried to install the Global Software to my Chinese Model of the Meizu Pro 5

It worked out really good every time but not the last time,

My Phone keept stucking on the 4G Logo and i could only turn it off

I managed to install the newest Asian Software i think its

It worked .

Now the other problem

My Google play store is gone
So are my Google contacts

Ive tried to reinstall it with The google installer from the Meizu Appstore but it says file corrupt on the “Google Services” Point, so the Installation cancel

I cant Uninstall it and i cant Repair it

Now ive tried to Hard reset my phone

But when i start it in recovery mode and choose the “Clear Data” Option it want me to write something down ,
I dont know what its saying since its chinese and i cant find help

Ive googled now for a while and i hope you guys can help me :(

Greets :/

Meizu Pro 5

If you choose to wipe data, the message is probably related to your Flyme account password or pincode. You can still update without wiping data and see if message is still popping up… It may even help to start the device correctly by the end of the process

@Kikounet95 Hi, Thanks for your answer!
Ive tried my Flyme Password but nothing happened when i pressed enter :/

I want to wipe data because i hope so i can install the google services again :(

Meizu Pro 5

Try without wipe just to revive your device, then you can use the settings to clean everything

Okay i managed to Wipe Data … New Problem

I install Google Services /Google Framework / Google Play Store and they stay like 2 minutes and then every of them is Deleted by themselves ;(

Im about to give up

Meizu Pro 5

What did you use? Google installer from Chinese store?

Somehow it don’t delete itself today
Had it installed for about 18 hours now without losing Google Apps

So this is done for me, thanks for your help

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