Keyboard problem -possibly not device specific

I have a problem with my keyboard, which is probably not device specific (I use M3s / As M3s sub-forum gets rather small attention, I will try my chances here, mainly because I believe my problem has to do with flyme in general:
A. In the system keyboard settings you can get voice texting (speech input) for three languages only, English and two Chinese. Is it possible to add any more languages? (I want to use Greek)
B. in the google keyboard, which certainly supports Greek voice texting, I can’t get the microphone to appear. Any suggestion?
Are these two matters affecting you too, in your device / flyme version?

It seems that I have to put it as plainly as possible:
Do you use in your meizu phone, voice input (voice texting) with languages other than Chinese / English? How?

I solved my problem and I am now able to see and use the microphone in google keyboard. It seems that what was missing was the Google search engine app, the one that works with “ok Google”… It had not been installed during the initial installation of apps with Google Installer -don’t ask me why.

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