Can't open/download attachment i Gmail or stock email app

I get download failure when trying to open or save pdf-files in Gmail and stock email app.
Failure message "Couldn’t download, touch to retry."
I have set auto download attachment to always in settngs menu as well.
Also tried installing newest Adobe reader from Playstore.

It also happens for images.


Yeah it is a known bug in flyme… It has been here since sometime. I’m not aware of a workaround yet and sadly meizu hasn’t fixed it yet… Happens to image files too…

Ok, so this issue has been in all previos versions of flyme? That’s quite disturbing.


Don’t know since when it has been but has been for atleast last few versions of mx3…
Guess they haven’t gotten around to fixing it (if it has even been reportrd to them) is cos google services are banned in china… Which is sad…

Well the MX4 international version comes with Playstore from factory so some kind of understanding for customers using google services would be nice.
I will report the bug to them.

Hi, just as a noob question, is it possible to use third part software to download mail and attachments? It sounds weird that a pretty major flaw not has been fixed or worked around?


Someone should mail meizu customer service about the gmail bug i think. I sadly don’t use the gmail app…

But if you use any other, like a built in one, attachment is no problem?


@‘zztop007’ said:

But if you use any other, like a built in one, attachment is no problem?

Stock email client seems to downlaod attachments just fine… I’m guessing 3rd party ones will work fine too…

I use cloudmagic instead, works fine now.

Has anyone tried new material design Gmail app?

I have no problem to save attachment with the material design Gmail

I have 4.0.3I Flyme version and 4.9 GMail version and I don’t have any problems with attachment. I can download and/or view attached files (proved with PDF).


I think this bug was repaired with 4.0.3.

Odesláno z mého MX4

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