My mum needs a new phone...

Hello there,

I am still enjoying my Meizu M2 Mini. It’s actual all I need for a smartphone. Well, I have to admit the battery could be a little better.

Now my mum is looking for a new phone.
It should cost around 130 EUR. And should have a good battery and camera.
She uses her phone only for whatsapp, calls, sms and shooting pictures. No gaming, web searching and so on. Also she would prefer a smartphone with changeable battery.

But 10 month have past since I bought my Meizu M2 Mini, so I wonder if there are any new chinese phones out there which are better than it. Important is that EU Direct is available. So no shipping from China, Hongkong and so on.

Right now, I can get with a coupon the Meizu M2 Mini for around 113 EUR.
Should I buy it or can you get a better smartphone now?

Kind regards

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@ano20xx You can have better but not in this range of price so for 113 Eur i think it’s fair to buy a M2 Mini especially for your mom she will never use for example all the power of a pro 5 so waste of money :D

thanks for the reply.
I thought so… thanks, I will buy it! :)

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