Firmware compatibility

Hello there,

I would like to know if the latest version ROM for M3 note is compatible with 3GBRam/32GBInternal version. Also a hint about the price tag of Meizu M3 Note 3+32 in China would be nice.

Thank you in advance

@iamdi0 Of course it’s compatible :) the os is even made for weaker devices
The helio version is around 170Eur (where I usually buy might be less)

Thank you very much for your quick response Vympel. I was thinkig of buying the 3GB ram model for my wife, since I am currently in China. But I was afraid that maybe I would have compatibility issues with international firmware. The price I found is 1300RMB in the official Meizu store in Coastal City.

@iamdi0 You will have issue with the international rom but not in regards with the hardware it’s software
In fact you can update as long as the version is the A one you will have issue with the G (international)
The A and G are pretty the same excepting the language
A is English / Chinesse G Is multi lang
But there are solutions at least for other devices (i own a pro 5 and i’am running a A rom with multi lang after some tweaks…)
In regards with the m3 note i can guarantee you that will work

Vympel, since I will buy the phone in China, I think it will have the chinese ROM inside. My purpose is to flash an English one, without the chinese applications but with google apps instead. Ofc I would appreciate if the SW also supports Greek. So, I guess I will have no problem with that? I have a lot of experience with flashing smartphones, just not so much experience with MEIZUs. When we say international we mean G (chinese)? I was under the impression that G is for Global or sth like that. Thanks for taking the time to answer me, I really appreciate it since I intend to buy this phone tomorrow.

@iamdi0 It will come with the A version it’s the standard one and are made for the chinese but support english language aswell.
The G is the Global it include multi language and playstore and removed chinese apps
The A come with chinese apps but no playstore but you can just download google installer via meizu store and install it and get the playstore and all services related to google.
if you have already experience with flashing i’am sure you will manage to put if you really want the G rom by converting it or by other tweaks who works on other meizu devices.
Take maybe a look on the m3 note section and see what’s going about all this

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