Phone will not turn back on

my android meizu m3 note phone abruptly turned off while I was using it. I don’t exactly remember what I was doing, but I know I wasn’t downloading anything, it just turned off. I tried turning it back on many times but it would just appear with " meizu " in white letters, and then it would go black and stay like that. Eventually however, on the same afternoon it did turn back on (a few hours later).
The same problem is happening today, starting from yesterday. Yesterday it would turn off randomly, but I could turn it back on without any faults. Until one certain point it wouldn’t turn back on. If I press down the power button, nothing will happen, unless before I do that I take off the battery and put it back in. When I do this, the thing with the " meizu " coming up in white letters, as I mentioned before, happens but not always. What can I do??? It’s not turning back on. Please help.

@ravik94 You should manage to get the recovery or to make it recognizeable by your computer to flash a new rom.
what was your firmware ?

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