Meizu MX5 Invalid IMEI


I have a meizu mx5 and all of a sudden is showing invalid imei and i cannot get signal from my carrier. I tried it with different carriers and still the same thing happens. From the research that i have done online i found out that there is something wrong with the bootloader and the NVRAM. I tried reflashing them with SP Flash Tool but had no luck as the scatter file that comes with the rom is useless. Can someone help me how to solve that problem and get signal back to my phone again?

Thank you in advance


This might point you in the right direction. Not the same model of phone tho so be careful.

I have read that thread before and tried it on my phone but i cannot find the CDS information section so i was unable to set the imei from there. I also installed Xposed Installer and added the IMEI Changer module but still no luck. I managed to set the old imei back but now both sim cards have the same imei as there is no option in there to differentiate them.

have ya tried Chamelephon? Haven’t used it myself but heard it might be worth a shot?

Thank you very much eamonn78. That really solved my problem and im getting signal now.

@bardhi232 no worries, good to hear!

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