• Optimization: open anti-inadvertent function, lock screen and then light up the screen, touch the phone below / next to all tips “anti-touch” and has been prompted language interface.
  • Repair: even now open automatically set, the calibration time, the system time is about 3 minutes faster than standard time.


  • Optimization: mobile phone running, click to enter the camera appears slow phenomenon, then call the camera in any interface has a delay.


  • Optimize: light up the screen response speed.
  • Repair: Even now QQ voice, the screen will be black screen shutdown.
  • Repair: Even now QQ voice calls, headset mode switch the speaker, speaker button out of control, QQ will appear no response.
  • Repair: shutdown under the charge, charging icon display exception.
  • FIX: Restart the phone in some extreme scenarios.


  • Repair: insert a dual-card, can not dial 110/119/120/122, prompted dial-up failure…

Flyme OS

Flyme OS