• Added: new beauty makeup function, add a key makeup, whitening teeth, high nose function. So that you think how the United States on how the United States.


  • New: The player adds decode mode options. Hard decoding more power, soft decoding more fluid, two different options, an ultimate experience.
  • Fix: Video members can not avoid advertising.
  • Repair: Quickly many times Click the Comments point praise button, many times praise Comments on the success of the point of praise the number of effective increase.
  • FIX: Wi-Fi connection, poor network or no network can not enter the “My Video”, only the home page to load.
  • Repair: Points page, members to buy pages to buy points, there is no immediate increase.


  • Optimization: User feedback 6 scenes of stability problems.

Lock screen

  • Fix: Pressing the Power key does not turn the screen off or shuts down in the bright state.

Game centre

  • Optimization: As a result of the game center, some scenes of power consumption problems.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS