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Flyme OS stable (m3 note)


Change Log | New

  • Emoji expression adjustment to enter an entry, add a lot of Emoji expression and Yan text. Fighting a new posture, a large wave of expression on the road.


  • Add a new beauty beauty makeup function, add a key makeup, whitening teeth, high nose function. So that you think how the United States on how the United States.


  • The player adds decode mode options. Hard decoding more power, soft decoding more fluid, two different options, an ultimate experience.

App Store

  • New application store search box top and exposed, increase the search hot words carousel, improve search efficiency.

Status Bar

  • Add hover notifications and reminders in Settings - Notifications & Status Bar - Apply Notification Manager. Your friend’s Hangout notifications are live and come with a reminder.


  • Added status bar Add lyrics to the left of the lyrics, that is, it is → ♫, see what.


  • Add “wallet” App, there is a charge card charges the amount of money to recharge hot money buy top credit cards to apply for coupon insurance and other business, breath finish you.
  • New wealth management products “Meizu purse”, the application of Internet financial management. Since then your wife say you spend money, you open the “Money” to her, hum ~.
  • Add insurance services. I am an insurance salesman: not afraid of ten thousand, afraid in case, buy insurance insurance body ah.


  • Add step function, record the number of steps per day, you can view the number of steps per day information, support the history of steps to view, share the number of steps. I do not care, I will only use the pedometer (not applicable to the charm blue note2 Telecom Edition, Charm Blue 2 with telecommunications version, Charm Blue 3 with the telecommunications version, Charm Blue 3s with telecommunications version).
  • Add a new home address, company address desktop shortcut, easy to go home, fast navigation company route. Even to the ends of the earth, gently point to be able to navigate home.

Change Log | Optimization
System Upgrade

  • Optimize the night upgrade trigger conditions.


  • Optimize the keyboard selection page, adjust the English keyboard position.
  • Optimized merge “half-screen handwriting”, “full-screen handwriting” to “handwritten keyboard”.
  • Optimize the initial capitalization of English capital function, the default value adjustment.
  • Optimize non-Chinese keyboard, slide the input letter function.

Phone Guardian

  • Optimize the “power to remind” abnormal power consumption to remind optimization, QQ and WeChat to join the super-white list, no longer prompted to remind the high power consumption. If an application does not receive a message after it is idle, check to see if it is disabled in Phone Handset - Power Saver - Standby Power Management.
  • Optimization of mobile phone housekeeper in the traffic management revision, integration of mobile networks, wireless networks for network control, increase the flow of purchase entrance (only blue note2, blue note2 Telecom Edition support, and other models follow-up optimization).

Lock screen

  • Optimize close the lock screen notification content preview, lock screen notification text to “received a new message”.


  • Optimized from the document into the gallery to see some photos are not clear.


  • Optimize the optimization of panoramic algorithm.
  • Optimize the camera calls GPS caused power consumption anomalies.


  • Optimization of the first to enter the search, travel cards will not fill the destination airport name and arrival time.


  • Optimize call records by changing the style of the bullet box.


  • Optimized to switch back and forth between the WeChat and camera, switch to the WeChat Caton, will flash a white screen.
  • Optimize the play bingo elimination music game Caton phenomenon.
  • Optimize PRO 5 “tribal conflict” game quality deterioration.
  • Optimize PRO 5 Thunder BOSS complex scenes, frames dropped to 20 fps, there is optimization of Kundun Kung Fu Panda battle scenes Caton obvious.
  • Optimized PRO 5 NBA2K15 operating frame rate is low, Caton obvious.
  • Optimize PRO 5 to play ball big battle The game appears Caton phenomenon.
  • Optimize PRO 5 every day cool running special effects have Caton phenomenon, the game reported Caton tips.

Change Log | Fix

  • Repair Charm Blue Note 3 under the low probability of even now splash screen problem.

Status Bar

  • Repair “every day cool run” run using “cool dog music” songs, drop the status bar to clear the notice will not automatically rebound.

System Upgrade

  • Repair system upgrade The update log interface displays garbled characters.


  • Repair in some scenes, there is not touch the return function, does not automatically return to the situation.

File management

  • Repair file management by phonetic sort, hold down the right side of the letter can not jump, and the magnifying glass function does not display letters.
  • Repair “file management - extract” individual zip compressed package can not view.
  • Fix File Management Click “Recently Added” to flash back.


  • The call log is not displayed when the incoming call or outgoing call is hung up.
  • Repair the dial pad Enter the dialed phone number, the actual record is outgoing, but the search results show that the incoming.


  • Repair Pinyin / Wubi full keyboard in the input, even now the letter will break code.
  • Fixed Sogou input method will now automatically switch back to the system input method.

Phone Guardian

  • Fix the installation of third-party applications in the other path, open the Allow Unknown Source button, but can not continue to install.
  • Repair in the other path to download third-party applications, the system will scan the installation of the font overlap phenomenon.

Power saving mode

  • Restoring limit In the power saving mode, the PIN code interface keyboard overlaps with the emergency call prompt.
  • Repair third-party applications in the course of flashbacks.


  • Repair the calendar inside the subscription Lotto URL is not correct.

Find the phone

  • Repair into the report loss mode, the notification bar will prompt “not to find the phone function”.


  • Repair comes with the browser into the Meizu official website click on the 24-hour online customer service, dialogue content than the scope of the bomb box, can not drag up and down to view the historical dialogue.


  • To recover too much of the wake-up system when the built-in weather is dormant, resulting in excessive power consumption.


  • Repair cloud album, click “Backup Settings” when the system time, such as the amount of electricity shows Taibai can not see.
  • Fixed long press album to enter the multi-select mode, optional album is not displayed in the upper right corner of the selection button.
  • Repair only the SD card has a continuous shooting pictures, does not display continuous shooting album (only can be installed SD card mobile phone).
  • Fix the pictures of the self-timer / bursts albums, some stored in the phone memory, some in the SD card, can not be displayed, always hidden (only for mobile phones that can install the SD card).


  • Fixing The first time you turn on the camera, autofocus will not appear.
  • Repair slow motion mode Switch to scan mode, preview interface is abnormal.
  • Repair the camera before and after the camera is set to 16: 9, the use of QQ to open the camera, then open the camera, the ratio will become 4: 3.
  • Repair third-party applications (such as SMS, notes, etc.) call the camera, click the Settings button to view the photo size, no default size.


  • Repair open the status bar lyrics to listen to music occasionally will appear to play audio Caton phenomenon.
  • Repair local music and online music switch play, high probability equalizer invalid.
  • Repair the lock screen music to play lyrics Caton, and the progress of the show is not displayed.
  • Repair the lock screen interface music lyrics progress bar often full grid.

Voice assistant

  • Fix It is wrong to say “how much money” to the voice assistant.
  • Repair with the voice assistant to send text messages, the message did not find the message.


  • Fix Global Search Notification Bar Card notifications can not be ejected.
  • Repair the remote travel card has been shown, the phone off, then turn on after 21 o’clock, then notify the bar without warning.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS


No ?


@faniryxx said in Flyme OS stable (m3 note):

No ?

I’m guessing @ a 5.2 rollout. U20 has same processor and is on 5.2 flyme global. So end of the week there ‘should be’ a update and i think it might be the version that was released for u20 today


oh well we got the amazinf ow rom… First meizu device, last meizu device.
This is a JOKE


It’s not even! after upgrade it says system was successfully updated to! Meizu guys are you kidding us all!!! Is that so called global update!!! Do you need 6 month to roll out that!!! Now I’m pretty sure about my next phone - Xiaomi, at least they know what is customer satisfaction and care about it.


can someone please check in Security app/power/settings and see if Disable linked launching is gone, in my security app it is not awailable anymore


i have a problem…after the installation i have a problem with contacts that don’t appear in contact list, i don’t know why but if i try to sync they don’t appear…i had installed gsm from hot apps…someone can help me?


Delete all Google apps that are installed, restart and install them again with Google installer from Meizu’s app store and then should everything work.
And can you check for me in Security app under Power Management and then settings if they removed Disable linked launching?


in this new version you need to disactivate linked start, is the last voice in the settings of power management. i dont remember correctly the name, but if you go in security, power management, settings, is the last voice, disable it and the app should work. but you must force them into background and ram.


Hi i have international version of m3 note, global version on, i try to install chinesse rom, i download and upgrade but after that it goes to recovery and then firmware checking and after it says firmware corrupt and i have only option to restart phone??? I olso tried older chinesse roms but same firmware corrupt???why i cant install chinese rom on my international global rom??


Hi fan, I have a issue on the Sound. When I play the default Music it is going to play Concert type Sound. And when i connect my Headphone, same things happend does any one fixed this?


Can i install this on my meizu note (M681H)
If yes, what is the procedure to upgrade without any firmfare corruption! (for your information, i just bought m3 note two days back from india and i completely new to this)
Thanks in advance!


@Demis-Mazzotta138 can you make screenshot? in my security app there is no “Disable linked launching” option at all


@Rey how can i update


yes how to update…pls reply

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