MX5e Screen Replacement

Hey guy’s,
I have to do a screen assembly replacement on an MX5e and i’m just wondering if its the same screen assembly as the MX5. Can’t find one for the “e” version. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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@eamonn78 I think is the same screen but not 100% sure. Maybe ask the reseller

@Vympel Cheers dude,

I’ve shot of a mail so just waiting to hear back. Its the exact same on the outside just the insides (ribbon cables etc) i wanna be sure about.

@eamonn78 Yeah i checked too quickly and saw it’s the same size but if the ribbon cables are not the same might be not compatible
Usually each cable are made to fit in a specific places and they are not long enough to put in elsewhere (or if you are lucky you can manage to put it )
Anyway hope you will solve it :)

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