How to connect Pro 5 to SDXC card reader


I tried connecting my Pro 5 (, 64 GB, 4GB ram with an additional 128GB microsdxc card) to a Transcend USB 3.0 RDF8 card reader using a USB 3.0 (female) to micro usb type C (male) adapter.

The card reader’s LED lights in blue upon connecting, but other than that it doesn’t seem that the memory card is acknowledged by the phone in any way and doesn’t appear in the file browser. I even tried unmounting the external microsdxc memory card I have within the phone, to no avail.

If anyone here was successful in connecting the Pro 5 to a memory card reader, please help me out. Thanks!

Meizu Pro 5

Never saw in description that pro 5 can act as an USB master

I seem to recall such a solution worked on my old Samsung Galaxy S2.

I find it odd that this isn’t possible with a (still considered) high end flagship smartphone such as the Pro 5…

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