Upgrading from to new version.

Hello guys i have been reading forum for 6 hours now.
I cant update my meizu m2 mini from to new version. I tried to update it on 4.5.4i and on new flyme 5 but without success.

I copied update file to my storage but it cant run in it. I just open in like everyother zip file.
Also tried vol+ and power button and there is message Firmware not found.

I think problem is in my version . Is anyone outthere with similar experience or any advice ?
Thank you

@tylerdurden the update should be on the root of the phone don’t put it in any folder

![alt text](0_1474923516942_S60926-225728.jpg image url)

Update 6 is the name of the folder. It is in right place and only thing i can do is open it like zip file.

@tylerdurden Remove the 6 it should be update and then go recovery and update

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Thank you on fast response but I tried update and still no luck. I dont know why it doesnt recognize it automatically.

@tylerdurden The recovery doesn’t recognize it ?

If you mean on restarting and holding vol + and power button , no.
There is message Firmware not found.

I think the problem is in my A version but I dont know on which can I upgrade automatically.

@tylerdurden Wich version you try to flash?

I tried , , G /Y , and 4.5.4 I on the end .
And noone of these works.

@tylerdurden You should use an A version otherwise it will never work.

On which one i can automatically update ?

@tylerdurden the build doesn’t matter as long as you take the A version try with 5.1.9.A and tell me what

The latest A is I will try with that one.
Thank you on helping.

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@tylerdurden I don’t own this phone but i think it should be a somewhere

I downloaded and now i automatically update to 5.1.9. 0Y and i will try later to G.
What is the difference betwen Y and G versions ?

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