Why I will never purchase another Meizu product

~~Hello, sorry to start off with such a heavy title. But I need to address this.

I’ve been a longtime Meizu user having purchased my Meizu MX4 in early January 2015. It started off as a “good” experience, but from the way I see it, Meizu does not care about the global market and only focuses on it’s Chinese customers.

There has not be an international software release for the MX4 since December 2015!!! After almost 10 months, I am still stuck on 4.5.7I, battery performance is mediocre on this build and have been patiently waiting for an international release from Meizu since.

And yes, I know I can install other versions of the firmware, But the point is, I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO DO THAT.

I haven’t received a single update and all emails to Meizu ignored when asking about a possible ETA.

It’s been a long and fun journey, But this is the day I step off the Meizu train. Maybe one day I’ll be back when they decide to step up their game and pay attention to the global market.

It’s been a blast, PEACE!~~

Solved… for now

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To be honest, I often have been critizied for being a Meizu hater, but this time I have to defend Meizu a little.

It is correct that Meizu has no clue of the overseas market. Their support is pretty bad as well.

However, Meizu still updates the I firmwares. The reason why you didn’t received any updates is that the OTA server was shutdown and I firmwares were renamed to G firmwares.

The latest “I” firmware you can use is Flyme OS

Hmmm, what are the main differences between the G and I firmware, does it include google services etc?

i and g means same …international or global

@Lumia I don’t understand people like you … don’t want to be mean but keep in mind it’s a chinese brand and it’s a phone made with the purpose to fit the chinese market not european.
I personnally use the A rom on my Pro 5 and a tweak to get multi lang on it and it’s just perfect.
I suggest you to do the same and go with A rom wich are in my opinion better than this G rom … and you will get at least 1 update per month as stable build and 2 as test build. :)

This is exactly the reaction of people who don’t want to look further than their nose.

This poster decided to buy a Chinese device and as it seems he never cared to check and read why and how his mobile can get some updates.

But what he knows is to write long posts and complain.
Good job!

@viper Keep in mind that I did state i tried emailing Meizu’s customer service centre and got no reply.

But i will say this, Meizufans has much better support than official meizu ever did, I’ll try the G firmware and if the problems I had were fixed, you may have convinced me to stick with my MX4.

@Lumia Don’t waste your time to write them use it to check b yourself how to update and tweak your phone
Just checked the MX4 section and magic there is the last update on both version A and G
Be sure to identify which version you have if it’s a real G or a A transformed in G

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@Vympel Thanks mate, I really appreciate it

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