Corrupted firmware - Don't boot anymore


First, I’d like to say that I’m here for a friend, I’ve not received my MX4 yet.

My friend received his MX4 today, had an update available : 4.0.2C and he decided to do it. The problem is that the phone said that the package was incorrect and now the phone won’t boot anymore. Do you have any advices for him please ? (Is this possible to go to recovery mode to install another firmware via USB OTG, or reset to original firmware?)

Thanks a lot for him,

We already replied to you in the firmware thread.


Tell your friend to download the full update from here:

C if he has chinese version of phone or I if he has international version

1. Start phone while holding down 'Vol Up + Power button’
2. Recovery mode should start.
3. Connect to PC with usb and copy over the to the recovery disk.
4. Select clear data and update firmware.

P. S. : My bad to have replied to already replied post :P

Thanks, but the thing with the PC is a great tip ! :) Sorry for double post

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