[MX6] How to install Rom on a Chinese MX6 [SOLVED]

Hi Everyone,

I have a chinese MX6, it doesn’t have my native language (french) and contains tons of bloatware, so I was wondering how I could install an international ROM on my chinese MX6 (currently running ?

I found a tutorial here, but it seems to be for Lollipop ROM only as it uses a Lollipop DAT converter and besides it requires also to know the partition system name of the phone which i don’t.

So does anyone have any idea ?

Thank you :)

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@Vincent-Colignon You have a look at the existing partition names in /dev/block/platform/ using file browser and root (Root Explorer is fine for example). Then size would be another clue to get the correct one

I also need to do this , the sh file does not yet exist for meizu mx6
My version is "A"and want to go to G

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@BernatBCN file can still be edited manually… Shell isn’t mandatory

I understand , but i don´t have that commands must be used

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@BernatBCN Root Explorer have inboard file editor… Only information you need is the string you have to replace.

@Kikounet95 Then I have to find the file system in the MX6

the route is dev/block/platform/mtk-msdc.0/11230000.msdc0/by-name/system

is correct?

Now what do i do?

sorry for my bad english

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@BernatBCN I don’t know as I don’t have a mx6.
Does the content look the same as the tutorial? If so then you have to discover the value to edit

There is a thread to basically do the same thing on the M3S, I tried it with the correct system file adress, but it doesn’t seem to work. I asked on that thread, will keep you posted if I find a solution there.

Hello to everyone ,
I bought meizu mx6 from china about 1 month ago. So i have to use it with english lanuage but i want to change language to turkish.On flyme 's web site they announced global version of firmware but i dont know how can i install it to my phone. could you please help to me about this issue ?

@Vincent-Colignon they’ve answered you with a link http://www.androidworld.it/forum/meizu-mx6-1697/meizu-mx6-da-firmware-asiatico-firmware-globale-g-202895/?s=83ac8a0e650e095c5da194abe1262b2f
And it seems working! I’ve installed international firmware with this instructions successfully! But! There is a problem with access to permissions of applications.
Did you tried it? Do you have same issue?

@Jenya-Leybovich hello, can you enter to recovery mode, and check is there english letters only?

Hi Everyone,

Good News -> I found a way to install the G rom on a A rom successfuly…

It doesn’t require anything technical -> just root the phone in the flyme account parameters -> then download the Superuser App from chainfire on the playstore…Allow SuperSU to have root access

Then download the G rom ( and put it in the root folder of the MX6.

Then again download the App Flashfire from the PlayStore and from there you can directly flash any rom you like ->

First time I tried it didn’t work and I thought I’d bricked my phone cause it was stuck on the meizu logo for like 30minutes. I rebooted the phone and it lauched back with the A Rom…I tried a second time and it worked perfectly.

If you want a detailed way to do that check this tutorial http://bit.ly/2dJoOK0

Only downfall -> you canno’t update the rom directly through the update app…you will have to flash the new rom everytime using this method…but hey it works :) and it’s really simple


@Влад-Vlad nope, there is chinese letters too

@Vincent-Colignon this instruction does not change phone ID to international, and you can’t install global rom directly, then the new rom will appear

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