Buy MX4 in China

In a few days I have to go to Beijing and I would like to buy the MX4. I know it will soon available in Europe but in China it is much cheaper. However, I have no idea what model I need to take to work in France and not only in Chinese language. Could you help me please? Thank you and sorry if my English is incorrect.

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You can take the m461 model international or China model. Mine work in France with orange. All version include French language but difference is that’s in play store or not

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Well, I will ask the m461 model in the Meizu Store of Beijing. I hope they have it :s Thank you for your quick answer :)


I have a moreless simular question like the one who opened this thread.

I’m (or better my brother for me) very interested in buying a MX4 directly in China.
My brother is till christmas in the city Shenyang and could bring me one to europe.

Do someone have information how to get the MX4 (China-version should be OK, don’t need LTE because it’s not available in my region and i also don’t need this speed) in china mainland?
I just have a look on the if there’s a store in Shenyang, but i think it’s not (it’s a little bit hard to read because the page is original in Mandarine).
So, do someone know if it shouldn’t be a problem to get one or if it’s moreless sold-out there?


Good luck finding a Meizu MX4 for sale directly from a Meizu official shop in China :)

I have been in Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai almost a month ago, and I tried to find one to buy. In Beijing you can find the Meizu shop in XiDan shopping area, there is a mall which is called Joy city, and there are small shops of every phone manufacturer. The issue is that they were out of stock, and at least at the time I was in China in October they were out of stock even for online orders.

In Hangzhou I entered two or three Meizu official stores, and the same story, out of stock.

So I finally found and bought an MX4 by accident at a small non-Meizu shop in Shanghai, which was in an already opened box, but it seemed new. The thing is, when I tried to register the device to Meizu, they said it was already registered by someone else. I have contacted Meizu customer service and they told me that the phone is considered second hand, since I don’t have the original receipt from Meizu, and they cannot unlocked the initial registration, since the phone might have been even stolen [emoji45].

So my advice for you, if you are going to spend more time in China, you should try to order it online, or maybe you will be actually lucky and find it in a Meizu store.

Or you might want to wait for Meizu MX4 Pro [emoji12]


thanks for this extensive reply.

I’ll talk to my brother if he have time to look out for a MX4 on the local markets, and especially on meizu-stores if there is one or more in shenynag. Can you tell me where you get the infos where official stores are places in china?

And can you tell something about the price? So i saw that the official price at the sold-out-meizu-online-store is RMB 1799,-.
What are the prices on this non.meizu shops you get one? Are they the same then the official? I just asked because i saw some order-posibilities at and they just start at RMB 2000,-.


Don’t forget : be careful about the fakes if you look at unofficial stores.

I dunno about Meizu but I saw a lot of fakes for Xiaomi products when I was looking for a Mi 2. And it is still a big problem today.



you hardly will find any.
So far no one was able to fake Flyme due to missing sources.

Oh right, good thing then :D
It s easy to spot them.

Though I remember the brand Android wich did fakes of iPhones, running on android 4 but with an iOs theme.
It was impressive, but still, big fakes xD


That was GooPhone. They also wanted to take juristical steps against Apple, because GooPhone had the iPhone 5 (based on a leak) first. Just hilarious.

So far I only saw a MX1 fake, which was poorly built and very easy to recorgnize.

Sounds not to bad to grab one in china.

Do someone know if there’s a meizu-store in shenyang? Or where could i find list of all official meizu-stores?



Try to find it on Meizu’s chinese website. Unfortunately I don’t speak or understand chinese so I can not help you a lot. But maybe Google Translator can.

@‘AOKP’ said:

That was GooPhone. They also wanted to take juristical steps against Apple, because GooPhone had the iPhone 5 (based on a leak) first. Just hilarious.

So far I only saw a MX1 fake, which was poorly built and very easy to recorgnize.

Ah yes I see.

I was also thinking about the Hiphone 5S or the A phones from Android (Android A919, A8, A9100 … and so on)

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