Flyme OS test firmware (m2 note)

Flyme beta


:::Voice assistant
Repair: The voice assistant said, “How much charm Blue Note 3” appears the answer is error. Keke, play ad, charm Blue Note 3 16G version requires only 799 yuan, 32G as long as 999 yuan, passing through do not miss it feed
FIX: After sending an SMS with the voice assistant, in a text message but did not find the message. Just before the creek mischievous joking with you, it will be no

Optimization: Exchange and IMAP account into the account relating to the card is always automatically loaded when the page message
Repair: POP3 protocol card account duplicate entry and exit pages, flash back probability appears Mail
Fix: Open “always gave his secret” and click the New button, the message flash back
FIX: Adding iCloud mailbox default configuration is incorrect

Optimization: call GPS Camera cause abnormal consumption. Everyone calm, power red warning lifted, please feel at ease to eat and sleep play Peas bar drinking and smoking hot head

System Upgrade
Optimization: Night upgrade trigger condition. Congratulations to “50% of the electricity,” added nighttime upgrade triggers luxury lunch

FIX: after incoming or outgoing phone hang up, call history does not show. The problem has been the perfect solution to the siege lion, much to my brother
Fix: dial pad to enter the telephone number dialed, the actual record is exhaled, but the search results show incoming

Lock screen
FIX: charging animation in a continuous click lock screen camera and then unlock the lock screen, lock screen battery icon disappears probability is not displayed. This elegant battery icon for me to guard

search for
Optimization: the first to enter the search, travel card is not populated with the arrival time at the destination airport name
FIX: “global search” travel card notification bar notification can not be ejected. It is the moon cake before eating too much fat accidentally stuck, and now it weight loss success
FIX: places travel cards have been shown, the phone off, then boot after 21:00, when the notification bar did not warn

FIX: Even now the app store using the system input method, the position of the search key is displayed as the Enter key

New: “wallet” App, there are bus card billing charge flow of the charge calls charm currency recharge coupons apply for a credit card to buy popular insurance business, count your breath to finish badly
Added: financial products “Meizu wallet Banking” Internet Banking application. Since your wife say when you spend money, you can turn on “Banking” to her, huh ~
New: insurance services. My insurance salesman: afraid of ten thousand, afraid of the event, buy insurance it near the body

Optimization: call log Press bomb box style changes. Secretly tell you, Flyme a group of people to pull the dead details
Fix: Export contacts to the storage disk, click on the document into the vcf file, the flash back
FIX: Copy contacts from A to account B account, search for the contact in the dial pad, the search results appear as contacts with two of the same number. Read the previous sentence? It does not matter, anyway, the problem is solved :-D
FIX: contact 1 in the presence of a group account under A, B account there are a group, a copy contacts from account A to account B, the group information can not be copied over
FIX: Importing a large number of contacts from other phones, suggesting that “the system is busy, please try again later.” Tips: Your black question mark had been eaten handsome ape program

Power Wizard

Added: pedometer function, record the number of steps per day, according to the hour of the day to view the step-number information, the number of steps to support the historical view, steps sharing. I do not care I do not care, I’ll just with this pedometer
New: create a home address, business address desktop shortcut, convenient home, quick navigation company route. Even go to the ends of the earth, gently point you can navigate home
FIX: “Meizu pedometer” Share page, click the Share button appears flash back.:::

Download OS test firmware

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My bluetooth have micro cut when I I listen to music, I formatted at least 10 times, I’m full wipe, test Rom test version A, I or G but nothing repaired the problem, problem since it is flame 5 (problem than I did not have to flame 4) Please fix it :(

Have you noticed how it’s only music because I find podcast’s OK?

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