How to change Carrier name on international Rom

I’ve buyed MX4 model M461 with international version of ROM 4.02A and the carrier in Italy report only code and not correct name:

  • 22201: TIM

  • 22210: Vodafone

  • 22288: Wind

  • 22299: 3
    How to change it? Can anyone help me?

On my MX4 it shows correct. I use T-Mobile NL.

I also have only codes. I’m in Austria…

Same here. Ukrainian MTS showing code but not carrier name

Same as in UK on the 3G (Hutchinson). Shows code on lock screen (23420)

I think it’s to do with the spn-config file in system/etc

Same here,when I use T-Mobile MK it shows T-Mobile MK,but when I use Vip MK it shows code 29403
The first 5 numbers of the IMSI number.

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