Google play services and other problems with my new M3s

I am a new user. I received my phone with, I played around for a couple of days noticing certain problems (like not being able to delete an individual call from call history) and then upgraded to It looks better, but I can’t get connected to my Gmail account either with gmail app or with stock mail app. No doubt, the constant notification I get about “google play services will not run unless you update google play services” is relevant. Problem is, I can’t update Google play services as I have 9.6.80 installed, which I believe is the latest. On the other hand, other parts of my google account, like google contacts work.
Any suggestion? I am thinking of installing (from here) and then do a factory reset, but will it be any good regarding my problem?

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It looks like the installation solved this problem as the correct version of Google installer is installed. Still, not a walk in the park, as a few hours later gmail app was again “not able to connect to the server” and 3 out of 4 parts of Google installer were reported “as corrupted”. Then came a new installation of Google mobile services, then phone looks like it works alright, at least for the… last 12 hours. Lets see what… tomorrow will bring me.

After so many problems, 2 OS upgrades and half a dozen factory resets in the space of a week, I really don’t believe this phone is ready for the customer, though…

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