Disconnect Meizu from Flyme Account

Hi there,

I sold my Meizu MX3 a few days ago.
I flashed it and made “clear data” and removed my whole private files.

Unfortunately I seem to have missed the disconnection from Flyme.
The purchaser told me, that my flyme account is somehow connected and he is not able to use every function of the phone now.

I tried to disconnect it via Cloud, but the website is Chinese and a Google Translator and thinks like that could’nt help.

Could somebody please tell me how to do a “final desperation” from my flyme account and the sold phone?

Greetings and thank you in advance,

Give the owner the password of your Flyme account. It’s the easiest solution.

But isn’t it possible that he can “buy” with my account stuff?

I have found it, thank you!

It is just:

… and after login it is: 远程退出 ! :)

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