Flyme OS test firmware (MX3)


  • Added: Flyme Classic Mode Portal.
  • FIX: System Maintenance Service Log Page Display Does Not Align to Both Sides.
  • FIX: Missing setting prefix IP entry in “More” tab.
  • FIX: Set up complex passwords, unlock the interface exception.
  • Repair: After mute, the mute switch will automatically turn off and the incoming call will ring.


  • Fix: Sweep mode image is stretched.
  • FIX: Exposure time and actual discrepancy in camera manual mode.
  • Repair: camera video takes up more space.
  • Repair: from the camera into the gallery can not directly view the front camera photos.
  • Repair: WeChat camera preview interface exception.


  • FIX: Caller ID Do Not Disturb White List Caller is Mute.
  • FIX: Portable Hotspot Connected Device Name Shows Error.
  • Repair: Do not disturb the call to open the phone can not enter.
  • FIX: PIN code interface can not make an emergency call.
  • FIX: Network Diagnostics Fails to Stop Diagnostics.
  • Repair: Even now mobile phone black screen, followed by no SIM card.
  • Repair: network speed and network diagnostics frequent flashback.
  • Repair: Set up voicemail, call back in the call record voice mailbox flashback.

Lock screen

  • FIX: Unlocked screen display interface exception.


  • FIX: When watching videos, the HOME button does not turn off automatically.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

Lock screen is bugging for me on this one: I use a pattern lock, and sometimes only the status bar remains visible: the rest is
totally black :/

For some reason Google Play Store and Maps are disappearing / deinstalling again and again.
I have to reinstall Google Services Framework everytime… Very annoying…

Any solution?

Do you use the last version of google installer? Have you tried doing a full wipe of your phonebefore updating? I am a bit disappointed by this update, seems buggier and laggier than the last one from august… Like it is a bad port from another phone

Thank you for your answer… I re-downloaded the Google-Installer. No problems until now. For me it was an auto-update from, so no wipe - and basically I’m pretty happy with the performance, feels snappier than the previous build.

New firmware has arrived! available OTA

But wtf, test, new :/
p.s. nice on google play working :o

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If I download chinese verison of from here will I be able to select english language?
or should I just download this test version?

Meizu Pro 5

@Error989 Chinese build do have also english

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