has anyone found a solution for the push notifications problems on Meizu M1 Metal? It refuses to send notifications from Gmail or Viber. I have tried everything possible, enabling this, enabling that … the phone runs on latest software (beta) - not that I have noticed any improvement over preivous stable or beta system software. (and can those annoying software update notificiations be turned off?)
My guess is that YunOs is not quite compatible with google api’s in respect of push notifications. Another culprit could be the aggressive memory management. I tinker and then push notifications work for a while but within the next 4, or 5 hours they cease to work (when the integrated clean master erases them as active background apps??) You cant uninstall cleanmaster (thank you YunOs). This is a great phone, great build quality, but the failure of push notifications makes the phone practically useless. The developers don’t give a damn about this issue apparently. I hope someone from them is reading this post :-)