M3 Note Global ROM


today, i recieved my m3 note. Its the M681Q 32gb with 3gb ram. On the device is an multilanguage A. rom from uuonlineshop, but german is very bad.
Now , i want to install a global rom. On needrom there is an official global rom. Can i use this rom ?
Next problem is, that i cant root the actually rom. Because of this, i cant change the id for installing the global. Now, im thinking about flashing an older original chinese rom (a) and then i would try to root. Im German, so i need a multilanguage rom.

Can someboy help me please ?

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Meizu MX4

@Chris110 I think the chinese roms have root built in, check in settings, you just need to enable it.

login to flyme with your flyme account, then you can activate root. (Einstellungen - Sicherheit - Root Berechtigungen)

Okay thanks, i will try this

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