Meizu MX4 case

Hi, there are many cases out there for the Meizu MX4 but what do you have/recommend for protection and design? What’s best for phone protection the TPU (silicone) or PC (hard plastic) cases? Is there any case like the one for Iphones’ 6 official cases? Do you recommend flip cases or tempered glass screen protectors? Just post your opinions on this. Thanks!


I’m using a flip case for my MX3…they are good but sadly add to the bulk of the device and hide the sweet lines of the mx3 (i love the design of the mx3 :P)
Personally i would go for a TPU (tramsparent or frosted) with a screen guard…

for me flip case was good if if inclued back cover same as lg g3. the flip cover not denaturate the phone and keep charm.

why meizu no release official bumper or flip cover for protect the phone ?

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