restarting over and over

Hi everyone !
When I woke up yesterday, I saw my Meizu M2 note restarting over and over like on this video :
I don’t know what is wrong. I’ve let it fully discharge but nothing happened.

I’ve tried to under the recovery mode but even this, I can’t.
Unfortunately I have neither the box either the EMEI.
What is possible to do ? Do you have any idea about what is wrong ?
Thanks a lot for your help !


@umberto666 seems like it was dropped and as it doesn’t reacts on the recovery key combo either I think that the mobo is done.
You can either get a new one or just a new phone overall.

I dropped it but like 3 months ago. Just the glass got a little bit damaged.
When I press the power button and the central button, it displays fastboot mode. But then it restarts over and over.
I will return it to the after-sale service…

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