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  • M2 mini home button not wotking every time

    Hi guy, I have a problem with my M2 mini, the home button is not working every time I press it, any ideas what might be causing the problem and how to fix it? Thanks!

  • Just by normal use, now its working 1 out of 3 clicks.

  • Does anyone know what mighy be the problem, softare or hardware? If I open the phone and clean it, will it work normal again? Thanks

  • I have the same issue. Seems to be a hardware issue because I have restored to factory defaults and updated flyme version but it continues working badly.
    I also have tried cleaning it using alcohol isopropilic.
    I think that only a replacement should work.

  • problem is hardware related happened to me some few months ago…
    I took the phone for repair in the city I was in (location-China).
    they opened up the phone and said nothing was wrong with the button but if I would want to change, I could only buy online as it was not available from the market.
    On arrival of the button, I went to go fix and was told I could risk spoiling my screen
    I was like whats the worse that could happen, you guys always say the same.
    After the fixing was done, I tell you my screen did spoil had to buy and install a new screen. (also, from the shop I bought the button there had been some similar incidents about the ‘screen spoiling’ which I ignored)


    • if it’s not a necessity don’t, (for my situation i was using an unofficial CyanogenMod 12.1 build so i was able to enable navigation keys which worked perfectly until i worsened the situation)
    • if you must buy, look for an authentic button(Home建), (i think mine wasn’t)
    • look for a proffessional that knows his way round phones (for a little heating is needed to pop out the screen and also adhesive for gluing it back)
    • i’d advice not to try fixing on your own but if you are a pro, ride on.
  • I dont know how much you use your smartphone. I am more a pc person.
    But I just put the smart function on, so I can at least get to the homescreen if I needed to, and now I am happy. Isn’t perfect but enough for me.

    I also tried a clean factory reset and updated to the latest G version, and put my phone over night in a glas of rice. In case it was caused by a water or rather cleaning damage! ;) No success. :(

    Once I installed the 4.5. I or A version and my home button worked a little bit. Or it was just one touch to get back to the home screen… I don’t know. Probably a hardware issue! xD

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