Hi Guys

A while back, I was having a whale of a time with my MX4 Pro, but then I started having troubles waking it up - I’d go to turn the screen on (by any and all different modes) and it would progressively take longer to wake up. Once it was awake, it would function like a dream, but getting there got tougher and tougher until I gave up when it started taking over a minute to wake the device.

I never found a solution regardless of firmware upgrades/data wipes/settings tweaks, so it’s been sitting in it’s tomb box for the last year hoping that Meizu would finally roll over on the bootloader, but the time’s come where I need the money from selling it.

I’ve taken it out of the box to get it ready for sale (top up the charge, wipe my data, put any necessary upgrades on) and i’ve found that the screen no turns on fine (amazing), but that as soon as I turn the screen off or the screen times out and the phone is asleep for more than about 30 seconds, it goes into a deep sleep that the screen won’t wake up from - although I think the phone itself does, as I enabled double-tap to wake and it vibrates when I double tap it.

Has anyone come across anything like this or have any idea what’s causing it? I’ve just done a clean install of, so I know it wasn’t any apps or to do with the firmware version.

Any solace that can be offered will be greatly appreciated.