Is a good idea to buy the Pro 5 today?

Hello, since a lot of you have had experience with the pro 5 i wanna make you the question: is a good idea to buy it now? would be my first meizu and it costs 417 bucks for the 4gb ram 64gb rom on i found it trustful and they assure me they will ship it with original rom in factory sealed box without being opened for any reason.
Based on your experience, did you regret buying it for some reason? (for example, i have read about some problems with home button)
My other options are:
xiaomi mi max 4gb ram, 128 gb rom
xiaomi redmi pro 4GB ram, 128 rom and helio X25.
I’m not interested in unlock the bootloader or flash roms so that’s not an issue for me. the battery life, memory expansion, good camera, fast chipset and big screen are important to me. i would like to buy it because it practically doesn’t have any weakness on paper, but first i will listen to your suggestions.

Nope. Too many shortcomings in software. Not a bad phone but there are better choices out there coughOne Plus 3cough

Sad to read that… what kind of software shortcomings? i would buy the OP3 if it had better battery life and expandable storage… thanks for answering!

@one22 I use it for a few month now and it’s a nice phone without any doubt … sure there are some stuff who are annoying but it’s always the same with chinese phone.
Keep in mind just one thing if you love to flash and change your rom everyday the pro 5 is not for you, you will be stuck with flyme and at this point you like or hate it.
There are CM rom but still with bugs

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@Vympel Well, if that’s the biggest issue i can live with that perfectly!

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