Flyme OS test firmware (MX4)

Highlights features

  • Add: Adjustment to enter an inlet face emoji, emoji expression increase the number and color text. Fig new fighting posture, face a big wave is on the way.
  • New: app store search box top and exposed, increasing the search for hot words Carousel improve search efficiency.
  • Optimization: a plurality of game experience tribal conflicts.

Status Bar

  • FIX: “Parkour Everyday” use “cool dog music” songs running, pull-down status bar after notification does not automatically clear the rebound. OK, OK, Knock, in place of it.

Landscaping theme

  • FIX: search out the theme in the desktop search, click on the topic to jump to flash back when the theme of landscaping. Tap to.

Game centre

  • Fix: Switch to a different system language, English or Traditional Chinese, flash back to start Game Center.
  • FIX: English oversized fonts in Game Center - My game appeared font overlap. Ah, never dazzled.


  • Fix: On “always give their secret” and click the New button, the message flash back. A question: what are the secret to give their content? Please answer in the comments.

App Store

  • New: app store search box top and exposed, increasing the search for hot words Carousel improve search efficiency.


  • FIX: micro-channel and switch back and forth camera switches to the micro-channel when Caton, will flash a white screen.
  • FIX: Play bingo games Diminshing Le Caton phenomenon.
  • FIX: “tribal conflict” game quality deterioration.
  • FIX: Thunder fighter BOSS complex scenes, frames fell 20 fps, the presence of Caton. ~ Not a good card no card Kazakhstan.
  • FIX: Kung Fu Panda battle scenes obvious Caton.
  • Repair: NBA2K15 running low frame rate, Caton obvious. Oh, this solves many problems Caton, Engineering Division to add chicken.
  • FIX: Play Sphere Wars game Caton phenomenon. Call ~ finally over, we feel at ease playing machine bar.

System Upgrade

  • Fix: System Upgrade Update Log screen displays garbled. Hey ~ distortion are captured.


  • Fix: In some scenarios, the emergence of touch returned ineffective, does not automatically return to the situation.

File Management

  • FIX: File Management by alphabetical order, press and hold the right letter can not jump, and the magnifying glass function does not show the letters. They must have been hiding my handsome scared.


  • Optimization: receive text messages broadcast interception. Hey hey hey, I can not escape my palm.
  • FIX: Bluetooth connection to others sharing network, turn off Bluetooth after real-time speed does not close. Yeah, left behind a capture.
  • FIX: repeatedly switching connection between two dual-channel Bluetooth headset, turn the headset Bluetooth headset case still appears in the status bar connected display. Tell you a horror story: your headset is unplugged.


  • Add: Adjustment to enter an inlet face emoji, emoji expression increase the number and color text. Fig new fighting posture, face a big wave is on the way.
  • Optimization: keyboard selection page, adjust the position of the English keyboard.
  • Optimization: Merge [half-screen handwriting], [Transcriber] to [handwriting keyboard]. The same handwriting, the same name.
  • Optimization: English initials feature defaults adjustment.
  • Optimization: Non-Chinese keyboard, enter letters slide function.
  • FIX: Pinyin / Wubi full keyboard input, sporadic letters will break code. Disconnect the emotions I do not break the code, no, break fishes.
  • FIX: + Pinyin system use case text input method spelling when entering text in the software millet live. Do Jiangzi Well, the thing is to get along with.
  • Repair: system input method, squared Pinyin selection, press and hold the number 4 key, right slide, skip GH two uppercase characters, jump directly to uppercase characters I. In fact, digital roar ~ 4 and GH harmony friends.

Phone Guardian

  • FIX: When you install third-party applications in a different path, open a button to allow the installation of unknown origin, but was unable to continue the installation. I want to install it to continue with the installation.
  • Fix: In other path download third-party applications, the font appears phenomenon overlap scanning system installed. Rest assured download it.

Power saving mode

  • FIX: extreme power saving mode, PIN code keyboard interface prompt coincide with an emergency call.
  • Fix: a 10% lower power bomb box, the wait is not canceled 7% lower power bomb box, insert the charger 10% lower power bomb box does not disappear. Interview at the phone: how much you love that you are 10%.
  • FIX: third-party applications appear in the course of flash back.

Domestic services

  • Fix: Display icon on the status bar of larger life services.


  • FIX: Calendar subscription Lotto inside the URL is incorrect. Ah ~ Lotto is the only pleasure in life is how you ah [decadent].


  • FIX: second click occurs flashlight flash back.


  • Repair: Some open garbled text txt.
  • FIX: Open reading interface, suspended after sliding the ball to kill background processes, suspension ball disappear. Your suspension is definitely crossed the ball.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

What should i do to install this update from G. Now it says firmware corrupt

Meizu MX4

might be dumb to ask but has anyone gotten play store to actually download stuff on this version? My phone doesn’t like the play store at all on flyme, but then again the partitions aren’t even the same as a normal MX4 anymore so there is a huge chance its only on my phone…

Try to logg out from google account. Then press settings -> accounts-> add account and add your account again. It used to work on other versions. Also clear google data from apps clear data and clear cache

Meizu MX4

f*ck it. back on cyanogenmod 13

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