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hi, with the default player can not I see the cover of the album I’m listening. in the folder the cover is there but the player does not show it. does anyone know how can I do?

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You need it link it to the ID3 tag.


Yeah as HondaRacer said you need to get an id3 tag editor to link you album art to the file… This is the ideal way…


(ok… New find… I figured this after having written the other method down below)
1. Use any file manager to create a folder “Cover” in the ‘Sdcard/Music’ folder if it doesn’t exist.
2. Copy all the album art you want into the Cover folder you just created.
3. Start playing the song you want and go to the song view (not playlist view)
4. Press menu (3 dots in navbar) - > Edit Song Information - > floder with + sign - > select your album art.
5. Select Use and voila you are done…

--------- other method before i found the one above (just in case) -------
However there is a more tedious way…
You can name the .jpg “exactly” at the album name and drop it into the folder with the mp3 and it will be detected as the albumart…

So if the album name is “Hello World” (you can check and copy the name from Edit song info menu i mention above… ) name the album art as “Hello World.jpg” amd drop it into the folder where the music is…
It will be a pain if you have too many albums to fix though…

If you are lucky the player might be able to auto detect and downlaod album art for you in “Edit song information” page i mentioned above


Thank you GreyGhost, I’ve been struggling with some covers appearing and some not :D And with the crazy error messages Flyme gives in… “English”… when trying to select an album art.

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