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  • Recover data on Bricked Meizu M3 Note

    N00b question

    I wanted to change the default orientation on my Meizu M3 Note.

    Rooted the phone using KingoRoot.

    Followed the following method as described here -

    Dowloand in playstore : Root Browser
    Dowloand in playstore : ES File Explorer

    Open Root Browser and go to : system folder.
    Then show file : build.prop and touch it long time.

    in menu choose : Copy and past file in your internal or external sd card.

    In Root Browser open build.prop copied file with ES File Explorer
    Then modify entry : ro.sf.hwrotation=0
    Must be 90 to setup default landscape mode :


    In ES File Explorer save build.prop file.

    Open Root Browser, go to system folder.

    Delete (by menu) build.prop file.

    Go to your sd card and copy build.prop modified file.
    Past it in system folder.

    Touch build.prop long time and set Permissions to rw-r–r-- (0644) :
    READ -> Owner -> checked
    READ -> Group -> checked
    READ -> Others -> checked
    WRITE -> Owner -> checked
    And lets all others entry unchecked and click OK.

    Reboot. That’s all.

    Worked fine. Screen was inverted.

    New Problem

    The touchscreen input is not rotated according to hwrotation. So anything displayed on top-right corner of the screen can be accessed by clicking on bottom-left.

    Anyways, I somehow was able to copy the original build.prop saved on SD card and restarted the phone hoping all would go to normal.

    Instead, the phone stuck at Flyme rotating balloon logo.

    All info I have read so far tells me that if I re-flash the phone using then I will loose all data stored on phone.

    I wish to recover my data from the phone.

    Okay I am able to do the following

    1. Boot in Fastboot Mode
    2. Boot to restore Mode.
    3. Stuck at rotating logo Mode.

    Is there any way I can access the root directory of the phone and copy all data to my windows PC.

    Thank You

  • In recovery mode : “adb shell” when connected with USB to computer. Adb is binary from Android sdk and maybe need to install it

    Meizu PRO 5 4Gb | ID changed, rooted & running latest G build (beta) + Xposed + TWRP

  • A Step-by-step would be most appreciated.

    I am downloading Android Studio and same should have the ADB shell.

    Once in recovery mode and connected via USB. I have access to recovery partition which is empty. No files.

    What Next?

  • Try log as root (“su” in shell) if empty, then you won’t be able to recover any data

    Meizu PRO 5 4Gb | ID changed, rooted & running latest G build (beta) + Xposed + TWRP

  • Once again N00b

    A Step-by-step most appreciated

  • Enter these 3 steps
    *adb shell (enter)
    Once connected :
    *su (enter)
    *ls /system (system)

    Then look for Unix shell commands with Google : cp is for copying files

    Meizu PRO 5 4Gb | ID changed, rooted & running latest G build (beta) + Xposed + TWRP

  • Okay downloaded SDK tools


    Copied the ‘platform-tools’ folder to c: and renamed SDK.

    ran command prompt (cmd)


    Following commands entered with phone connected via usb cable to PC running in “Fastboot mode”

    fastboot devices

    adb shell
    error: no devices/emulators found

  • Means no drivers installed (windows) or/and USB debug enabled (phone settings)

    Meizu PRO 5 4Gb | ID changed, rooted & running latest G build (beta) + Xposed + TWRP

  • I had come across the same situation before. At that time, one of my friends recommended me to use Android Data Extractor to extractor data on bricked Meizu M3. It’s really useful. Hope you can recover your deleted files as easy as me.

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