New to Meizu. Stuck in International Version of the M3 Note

I’ve had my phone for a month and recently it had to be sent away for repairs because of hardware failure. I just got it back today and it’s not the same software. There is no access to the google play store and there is no flyme software on my phone at all.

Factory reset does not work and if i go to recovery mode it is all in chinese.

How do I get my phone back to how it was when I first bought it? I got my phone in New Zealand and the flyme version then was (from what I last remember i may be wrong).

Also I can’t access any google data and the phone is set as chinese so .apk files never work.

add sim card to access google accounts

@sensy I’ve tried that. But it seems the people who did repairs on the phone put the chinese version of Flyme onto my account so I have no way of accessing google even with a sim card.

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