I updated the firmware to 5.1.6OG on M1 Note, and the restrict background data in it is missing, since then the data consumption got worse.

With 1GB data with occasional short youtube vdo, few facebook photo uploads and small data app install would last me 1½ week on a Lenovo with background data restricted but with M1 Note updated, only lasted barely 5 days without 4G, without watching a single youtube video, without fb or WhatsApp videos, I even switched the data off when not using.

If I use the mobile network permission in security disallowed all the apps like YouTube, Facebook, insta and Google they’ll be connection unavailable and I have to turn the data back on to access them, which never happened with Lenovo, I can just restrict background data, there’ll be no notifications but internet accessible.

I love everything about my M1 Note except the data guzzling part, other than unable to login to flyme account, the rest is excellent.

I’m not going to root it yet unless it solves all the problems and doesn’t create more.

Please advise. Thanks.