Back Button Issues

Hi there,

I am having an issue with my phone as for some reason, the back button is pressed even though I am not touching it (which means apps close etc randomly). I have done a cache reset and complete reinstall without any luck.

Therefore, is there a way perhaps to disable the physical back button so that only the software controls it? As I think there may be some interference with the hardware and software.

Thanks for any advice :)

Is it on M2 (Mini) or M2 Note (you have cross-posted under both cathegories) - these are different phones. Btw, there is only a multifunctional Home button (M2), not a hardware Back button?

Btw, which firmware, etc

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It was the the mini one, but I have managed to solve it by disabling the back button by editing some of the files so stop it thinking is is clicking and have enabled the smart touch overlay to use the back :)

Meizu m2

You went in system then keylayout right?

Can you explain more clear how you solved it? I have exactly the same problem and really don’t know you to fix it. Thank you in advance!

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