Flyme OS stable (m1 note)

System Upgrade

  • New: Night upgrade mode.

Phone Guardian

  • Added: power-hungry applications prompt, easily caught sneaking backstage application.
  • New: wake-cut 2.0, mutual wake between intelligent prohibit unnecessary applications, effectively increasing fluency.
  • NEW: lock screen interception access control.
  • Added: extreme power saving mode, lock screen displays remaining charge increase.
  • Fix: Use phone has traffic, but the phone housekeeper remaining traffic will not be updated until a value is displayed.

Set up

  • New: increase in phone settings in “Call flash remind” switch.
  • New: Add Flyme classic mode, the setting - open the double switch freely Flyme classic layout mode - Accessibility.
  • Optimization: on your phone to adjust the visual service records.
  • FIX: auxiliary functions can not be called up properly gesture wake wake up application.


  • Optimization: hang up the call interface to let go when the response.
  • Optimization: When the card is not in the long-term process of search network cause serious power.
  • FIX: When you will be prompted to delete the group grouping "Group name already exists’ cause can not be deleted.
  • FIX: Call History List screen, click on “unlimited free calls to play, click experience now!”, You can not enter the open telephone network interface.
  • Fix: Even now unknown number can not answer incoming calls, you can save it as a normal human contact calls.

File Management

  • Added: locked area editing “New Folder”, “moving” and “rename”.
  • New: Locking mobile notification bar area and bomb box displays the progress and stop the movement function.
  • Optimization: File management - Image - file image to view all logic.
  • Optimization: Optimization of locked area upgrade strategy.
  • Fix: Move the file to the device, the top bar does not display the path to the disk storage.
  • Fix: file management into the locked area even now flash back.
  • Fix: Open the document within OTG U disk, the file does not exist.

Lock screen

  • NEW: lock screen notification bar at the top to modify from the drop-down.
  • Optimization: music lock screen interface effects.
  • Optimization: charging animation lock screen left whole.


  • Optimization: Third Party App calling camera experience.
  • Optimization: Modify photographs sound resources.
  • Optimization: Optimization of processing temperature recording mode, modify the temperature limit prompt.
  • Fix: manually set the exposure after taking, again return to invalidation.
  • FIX: sporadic open grid line function is not in effect.
  • FIX: Turn the camera even now “OK” exception alerts, cause the camera can not be used.
  • FIX: Under camera mode interface, enter the Task Manager, the camera icon displays an unusual size.
  • FIX: When setting the exposure long after the first press the camera shutter timing, the second time you press the shutter, the length of exposure calculation and display settings such as long term overlap.
  • FIX: Switching gif mode switch back to automatic mode, you can view photos encryption.


  • Added: New video sharing.
  • New: Star voting.
  • New: Selection revision, minutes “positive” and “Others”, positive / Highlights a button to easily switch.
  • New: Domestic services (OTO) to get through the new.
  • Optimization: video playback power performance.


  • Optimization: Stock refresh rate.
  • Fix: Gallery album full management option is not selected or all operations, then click OK, the flash gallery to return the desktop.
  • FIX: When you set a specific photo Click Wallpaper gallery flash back problems.
  • FIX: New Album Album Cloud upload photos, there is always a failure due to network failure Upload.

Status Bar

  • Optimization: Immersive status bar effect.
  • Optimization: charging animation lock screen left whole problem.
  • Optimization: Screenshot Screenshot notice after notice to the floating display.
  • FIX: Do Not Disturb icon status bar is too small.
  • FIX: Status Bar download speeds of more than 2M / s, the speed of the drop-down notification bar displays 0K / s.


  • Optimization: handwriting input, the first word of the default input directly into the edit box.
  • Optimization: Lenovo Pinyin under state, click “,” on-screen logical question “0” key “.”.


  • Optimization: Modify lock screen clock UI.

Find your phone

  • Repair: I Find the phone occasionally unable to resolve the problem of address information.


  • FIX: typhoon warning title multitasking background displayed as air quality.


  • FIX: Calendar subscriptions in the English Premier League Manchester City Team logo error.

Cloud Sync

  • FIX: cloud sync status bar icon shows excessive.

Flyme OS
Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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Is this last update for m1 note, right?

Now with this version, when I am uploading files to dropbox/onedrive, when the screen goes off, the upload stops. Previously it would continue uploading in the background.

Is there a setting to keep our app alive when the screen goes off?

I did a clean install and installed the Google stuff, everything is fine except in-app purchases and some Google Play services stuff don’t work inside apps
Anyone experiencing this ?

I have problems with google play after this update

This is the last stable update for m1 note??do you mean for lollipop or they stop supporting the m1 note??

@Vasilis-Vasiliou said in Flyme OS stable (m1 note):

This is the last stable update for m1 note??do you mean for lollipop or they stop supporting the m1 note??

Don’t get confused.
Last as latest. Meizu didn’t announce that she drops the support for our phones.

And for me, everything from Google apps is running fine after clean install.

Me too had some issues after installing Play Store from Hot Apps. Once installed Play Store from Hot Apps, I inserted my credentials but I was unable to download apps. This was caused because Play Store installed from Hot Apps isn’t the last Play Store version but an older one. So I waited that Play Store automatically updated and then everything was working correctly.

Is the restrict background data back with this update, coz 5.1.60G has none, there’s yet any feedback on how to restrict data hungry apps other than mobile network permission which disable the apps from connecting to the internet.

1GB of data lasts only 3 days for normal surfing and browsing with occasional downloads/uploads without 4G, without streaming, without youtube and whatever else videos is weird, unless I’m the only one experiencing this.

I suspect there is a battery issue with this firmware. 20% before bed and in the morning phone was off!

@joevik said in Flyme OS stable (m1 note):

I suspect there is a battery issue with this firmware. 20% before bed and in the morning phone was off!

I believe also the same.
Some Kernel wakelocks seem to create high consumption.

@viper i think the battery life is bad in general with this firmware. My phone only lasts about 16 hours on full charge.

I have problem using google maps or waze after upgraded to and, are there any solutions?

Some new problems with this update.

  1. Where did the root option go? I can’t root my phone anymore.

  2. In the ‘other account’ screen, I see a lot of my apps with “Sync is OFF” - facebook, facebook messenger, pushbullet, etc. When I click on them, there is no option to turn the sync on. This means that I need to open the app before I get notifications. How can I turn sync on?

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