Flyme touch lag/sensitive

can anyone tell me about its touch sensitivity, snappy / touch latency / touch lag. Ive read some other member that it doesn feels as snappy as the mx3.

I wanna replace my iphone for mx4, but there are too many bugs in flyme 4…

some few bug but not big problem. sensivity is very good and no lag peraphs my lg g3

For me, I feel like the touch sensitivity of the MX4 is not that good. The Mi3 had better touch, it’s so similar with the iPhone. This can be fixed with software, right?

Coming from an MX3 I am very disappointed with this phone… :(

No music streaming…
Terrible touch screen/input lag (specially when not holding the phone??)
No brightness control in recent app draw?!?! (this has been a thing since the MX)

Going to go back to my MX3 for a bit and hopefully the touchscreen issues are just software… otherwise Meizu just shot themselves in the foot…

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