Set up

  • FIX: Setup Assistant no red envelope option.
  • Repair: Call flash switch does not take effect.
  • Fix: Press the power button hang up key switch does not take effect.

Download Manager

  • Optimization: Download Manager Stability.
  • FIX: Clear download history is set to immediately download fails task will be removed.
  • Fix: Remove downloading the task, the task becomes a failed state download, download again become a failed download.
  • Fix: Download Manager, click the + icon, type link address, the browser opens a blank screen and a progress bar has been in a beating state.


  • Review: virus scan results Default value is safe, even now scan results are incorrect.
  • FIX: third-party applications appear in the course of flash back.
  • FIX: Run using the “Cool Dog Music” songs when “Parkour Everyday” drop-down status bar notification is not automatically cleared after rebound.
  • FIX: auxiliary functions can not be called up properly gesture wake wake up application.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS