Flyme OS test firmware (m3 note)

Download Manager

  • Optimization: Download Manager Stability.
  • FIX: Clear download history is set to immediately download fails task will be removed.
  • Fix: Remove downloading the task, the task becomes a failed state download, download again become a failed download.
  • Fix: Download Manager, click the + icon, type link address, the browser opens a blank screen and a progress bar has been in a beating state.


  • Review: virus scan results Default value is safe, even now scan results are incorrect.
  • FIX: third-party applications appear in the course of flash back.
  • FIX: Run using the “Cool Dog Music” songs when “Parkour Everyday” drop-down status bar notification is not automatically cleared after rebound.
  • FIX: auxiliary functions can not be called up properly gesture wake wake up application.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

I can’t find anything about improved camera quality in the changelog although it is MUCH improved.
I have 2 meizu devices now , 1 with the rom and one with this beta version (yeah i didn’t had the guts to try to go from the A os to the G os , so i bought a new G device).
The picture quality is much better , collors are much stronger , heavy light situations are handled MUCH better. It also snaps pics faster although this difference is minimal but it’s present.

I’ve did quick test and it’s seams to be better with camera. It is still not the level of m1 note with the latest rom. But we are closer.

Today i faced a problem with mismanaging the RAM memory.
While playing pokemon go the phone rebooted itself 4 times. (In 3h playtime)
The worst part is that all of my security settings (autolaunch apps, run in background etc…) Go blanck. I have to re-add them after every reboot.

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